Burbank Recessed Medicine Cabinet

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Renewed utility and function for the smallest room in the house!

Need a little extra spark to dress up the bath? A handcrafted olde-tyme cabinet in proper period-style will do the trick. No matter the type of home you're restoring, there is a model for you, and I can make it in a custom size.

Choose the door style, wood, stain, etc., to make your new cabinet fit your needs to a "T".


Recessed Cabinet Notes:

  • Recessed cabinets install into an opening in the wall.
  • When entering height and width measurements, round DOWN to the nearest 1/8 inch. This will allow just a bit of 'wiggle room' while installing. See installation instructions (there's a link at the bottom of every page) to see how easy it is to install.
  • Enter the full inches, then the fraction... 18" wide + 1/4" = 18 1/4" wide.
  • Includes two adjustable wood shelves. More shelves and glass shelves are available.
  • Maximum size, 20 7/8"W x 30 7/8"H and priced according to the size you enter.
  • 4" depth is standard (stud + sheetrock or plaster).
  • You'll want all of the knobs in the bath to match, so the knob is not included.
  • Time to ship is 4 to 5 weeks.

Woods and Stains

Shelf style:
Two wood (included)
Three wood +$11.00
Two glass +$28.00
Three glass +$39.00
Door style:
Flat mirror
Beveled mirror + $123.95
Solid single panel + $40.00
Solid double panel +$65.00
Single inlaid panel +$165.00
Inlaid panel "Music Cabinet Floral" +$165.00
Double "Onion" inlaid panel +$165.00
Double "Oval Flower" inlaid panel +$165.00
Hinge finish:
Antique Brass
Nickel plated
Wrought iron
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Knob finish:
No knob
Brushed nickel $9.00
Antique brass $9.00
Chrome $9.00
Black nickel $9.00
Craftsman $12.00
Oil rubbed finish $12.00
Brass catch $26.00
Chrome catch $26.00
Oak, Med. Fayetteville
Oak, Classic Mission
Oak, Naked
Mahogany, Natural +$20.00
Mahogany, Naked +$20.00
Cherry, Natural +$20.00
Cherry, Naked +$20.00
Walnut, Natural +$20.00
Walnut, Naked +$20.00
Your Price $579.95