Mitered Twin Divided Tile Frame

A Period-Style Art Tile Frame!

In the tradition of authentic Olde-Tyme style and construction, this tile frame will show your treasured art tiles with class and distinction. It's time to fill that space on your wall in true style.

This mitered corner version features:

  • 3" wide elements
  • Simple, no-nonsense style
  • Center divider for 2 tiles
  • You may omit the divider, the tiles will touch.


Tile Frame Notes:

  • All tile frames are sized and priced according to the dimensions of the tiles being framed. If you have tiles 6” wide and 8 ½” tall, you need to order:
    • Horizontal inches: 6
    • Horizontal fraction: 0
    • Vertical inches: 8
    • Vertical fraction: ½
  • Mounting hardware is included as shown. 
  • Time to ship 2 to 3 weeks.


Woods and Stains

Frame orientation:

Need a divider between tiles?


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