Measuring for a picture frame

Measuring for a Picture Frame:

1. Picture frames are NEVER, EVER measured from the front!!! Frame are ALWAYS built after measuring the size of the art being framed and are then built to those measurements. Your frame will be the wrong size if you make the frame bigger or smaller because you're adding or subtracting a fraction of an inch to compensate for the routed edge. 

2. The size of the route at the rear of the frame is the ONLY measurement that matters. A 22" wide (horizontal) x 16 1/2" high (vertical) frame will hold a piece of art that is 22" x 16 1/2".

3. An order for a 22" wide x 16 1/2" tall frame will look like this on the frame's order page:

6. All of the frames on this website have a route that is 1/4" wide. This means that the opening at the front of the frame will be 1/2 inch narrower, and 1/2" shorter than the route at the rear of the frame. This is the little lip that keeps the artwork from falling out of the front of the frame. See the picture below:

7. The route at the rear of the frame is typically made approximately 1/8" larger to allow for 'wiggle room'.


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