Doorbell Installation Instructions

Doorbell Installation Instructions:

1. Turn off the power to the doorbell's low-voltage transformer, best done by turning a circuit-breaker in the electrical panel to 'OFF'. Test by pushing the doorbell button to be sure.

2. Remove your old doorbell cabinet. Test to see if your new cabinet will fit onto your old mechanism. If it does, go to step 5... if not, remove your old doorbell mechanism. As you do, mark the wires. You'll need to know which wires go to the back door, the front door, and the transformer.

3. Without applying ANY pressure to the sound bars, position the new mechanism and mark, then drill holes for the 4 mounting screws. Some doorbell models mount vertically, some horizontally. "UP" is clearly indicated.  

4. Connect wires to the correct connections. They are marked.

5. Hang cabinet on the new mechanism.


6. Turn the power on and you're done!!

7. If the doorbell doesn't ring, check to see that:

  • the mechanism is right-side up.... (it happens)
  • you have 10 to 18 volts coming to the 'transformer' wire...
  • the button outside is in good condition...
  • the sound bars weren't disturbed during installation



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