Cumberland Inlaid Mirror


Cumberland Inlaid Wall Mirror

The Cumberland mirror features a gable peak at the top, strong square angles and two spectacular inlays.

The inlaid panels are interpretations of the inlays in your important Stickley originals and are based on original 1906 Harvey Ellis designs. All inlay work is performed in-house. I send no work "out" and claim it as my own.

Perfect for a place that requires a slightly smaller scaled mirror, this inlaid Mission and Craftsman style mirror will add stunning flair to your home



  • Approximate time to ship:3 to 5 weeks
  • Wood and stain notes:
    • All "oak" is quarter-sawn white oak unless noted otherwise.
    • Mahogany "natural" has a reddish stain applied.
    • Cherry "natural" & Walnut “natural” have no additional color added and will mature to a warm mature tone in six to eight months.
    • All finished pieces receive a lacquer top coat.
    • "Naked" pieces are shipped with no finish applied.
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