Edgecliff Doorbell

A detail that's been overlooked for long enough - your doorbell!

Every home has one, but when was the last time you even noticed your doorbell? You've now got the chance to make the forgotten member of the household shine!

Retire your old, plastic, cracked and paint-splattered doorbell today!


Doorbell Notes:

  • All doorbells come without a mechanical 'ding-dong' mechanism. You have a choice of using your own, choosing a wired ringer (DING-DONG) or choosing a BATTERY OPERATED wireless ringer (sounds Westminster Chimes or DING-DONG with the flip of a switch). Wireless comes with front and rear BATTERY OPERATED buttons as shown.
  • Both wired and wireless mechanisms ring "ding-dong' for the front and 'ding' for the rear.
  • Many times the doorbell cabinet will mount to your original mechanism making the installation a snap!
  • The inside of this model's cabinet is approx. 8"wide, 7" high, 2" deep. Measure your ringer and see if it fits. If not, order one of the ringers offered.
  • Approximate size of this model: 11W x 8H.
  • Installation instructions can be found at the bottom of every page of this website. 
  • Time to ship is 1 to 2 weeks. Most models are very popular and are always on hand.

Woods and Stains


Doorbell ringer:

List Price $329.95
Your Price $269.95
You Save $60.00 - 18%