Lakeland Mission Fireplace Mantel


Lakeland Fireplace Mantel

This is an example of a "Lakeland" Mission style mantel.

Each mantel is going to be slightly different, and each one is custom designed to your specifications. In addition to adapting one of the models I offer, I can work from your architect's plans or a photograph.

If you have a photo of a model you'd like, email it to me, I'll be happy to generate a quote for you.

It's time to update the hearth!!

Please read this:

To see a real-time estimate at the bottom of  page:

  • Enter the width and height of the tiles or bricks surrounding the fire box in the areas provided if applicable. Look at the measurement image for guidance.  Note that if you are NOT getting side legs, tile area height and width are irrelevant.
  • Enter the desired depth (projection into the room) of the shelf or top of the unit. Likewise for the overall (top shelf) width.
  • Decide whether you need side legs and select the choices.
  • ALL choices must be made in order to see an accurate quote at the bottom of the page.
Assume shipping will be $75 - $120 for the mantel, add $45 - $60 for side legs. This will vary because of the distance from NC to your location.

Do not place an order yet!

There are many details to work out before I can build one for you. Call or email and we'll get started.
Tile area height:

Tile area width:

Mantel shelf depth

Surround (side) legs

Overall mantel width

Wood selection:

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