Laura Wilder Prints and Cards

After earning a BA in art and spending several years doing graphic design and commercial illustration, Laura Wilder discovered the Arts and Crafts movement. Its philosophy resonated with her, and after taking several printmaking courses, she started her own business making block prints, screen prints and paintings using the techniques, styles and themes of the Arts and Crafts era. Within 2 years she had become a Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan, and since then has become known for her period style landscapes, portraits, dog breed prints, house portraits, and her series on people at work and play (e.g., The Cabinetmaker, The Knitter, The Fly Fisherman, The Quilter). The limited edition block prints and screen prints are signed and numbered with the Roycroft Renaissance mark, indicating that they are high quality and hand-crafted. The giclee prints are museum-quality reproductions of her paintings.